Project – paving at Nairne

June long weekend 2012 I started helping our second son with a paving project around their new home in Nairne.   It was a particularly cold weekend! Along the back was a retaining wall just 2 metres from the back wall, and this area … [Continue reading]

Bailey’s Rocks, Dergholm State Park, Victoria

I visited the area with my grandson on the Monday holiday June 2014. We went for a wander through Bailey's Rocks with our camera's. I took 62 photos for the afternoon. Here are just a few of them. Being a public holiday there were several other car … [Continue reading]

Projects since retirement – take 2

Carport preparation

Another project achieved since leaving work at Struan was the removing of a shrubbery that can be seen on the right in the first photo, behind the pergola and then the building of a carport there.   This was done in February and March … [Continue reading]

Major projects since semi-retirement

Cupboard shelving

In July 2011 I retired from my role as Senior Seed Certification Officer with Seed Services Australia. I had worked in the Senior role for 14 years after 10 years as Seed Certification Officer. After 43 years in the work force, and not ever having … [Continue reading]

Around Our Garden in 2013

A selection of photos taken in and around our garden during 2013     David … [Continue reading]

Comment on Comments

googledf550f67171152d9 There have been numerous comments on my site in recent months, however, much of it has been picked up as spam. But I have approved a few of these comments. If your comment has been deleted but was not intended as spam, then … [Continue reading]

Developing our Irrigation Bore

Soon after I left school and started working on the farm at home Dad decided to establish some irrigation on the property we had at Keith.  It's not always as simple as just putting down a bore hole and having the water at hand.  Here's our … [Continue reading]

Square bales to round rolls

Early round rolls were done initially with an Econ Fodder Roller.  It simply rolled the windrow on the ground.  It required the windrow to be created fairly neatly and the paddock to be reasonably clean of stumps and stones.  As the hay chamber … [Continue reading]

Mt Monster Conservation Park

Coming home from Nairne the other day I decided to take a detour via the Mt Monster Conservation Park.  Mt Monster is just a couple of kilometres off the Riddoch Highway about 12 kilometres south of Keith, totalling some 93 hectares of land donated … [Continue reading]

Grass Tree Conservation Park

Fallen Tree Regrowth in Grass Tree Conservation Park One of my pass-times is to go bush walking or to visit Conservation Parks and the like. Grass Tree Conservation Park Back on the 5th of May 2013 I visited the Grass Tree Conservation … [Continue reading]