Fairview Conservation Park

Fairvew Conservation Park

Fairview Conservation Park entrance, showing typical scrub type in the park.

Our eldest son and I visited Fairview Conservation Park in July 2016; for me it was my second visit to this park. It is situated approximately 45km north west of Naracoorte off the Woolumbool Road. If travelling in the vicinity of this park one needs to keep a keen eye out for wild deer as there are a few in the area. I almost hit one in a work vehicle some years back when driving past.


Little Gums Road

On Little Gums Road.

The park consists of nearly 1,400 hectares of virgin scrub, typical of the sandier soils of the South East of South Australia. The track marked on some maps as Little Gums Road enters near the north west corner of the park and runs through the park to roughly half way up the eastern boundary. Nearly half-way along this track is an off-chute to a nice little picnic spot on some higher ground, a good spot to go for a wander from. At some stage I would like to re-visit the park and do the drive right the way through and along another side boundary.


Eucalypt in the park

Typical bigger gums (eucalypts) in the park.

Intriguing slab

Intriguing slab in Fairview Conservation Park

The park also contains some wetlands with the largest area of water  being Kangoora Lagoon. I am yet to see it with water in it but it would be quite a large area when it does fill up. As I write this blog we have just had a good wet September in the region. It would be interesting to get back out there and see if and how much water is there now. On the ridge just up from the eastern side of Kangoora Lagoon is a concrete slab that I found rather intriguing. My enquiries would suggest that it was once a shed with a wash down bay in front of it. It would be rather interesting to know its history and purpose.


Not being too sure just where we would end up we re-traced the track back to the original entry point to the park. I  have since checked out the park on Google Maps and it would appear that during a dry period might be best time to do a drive right through the area.


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