Cockatoo Lake, SE South Australia.

Cockatoo Lake boat ramp

Cockatoo Lake boat ramp and beyond, August 2007

Cockatoo Lake is situated 30km north, northeast of Naracoorte via Riddoch Highway and Morambro Lane, and 20km south of Padthaway via Grubbed Road, which runs nearly parallel to the Riddoch Highway in South Australia’s south east.


Cockatoo Lake, July 2016

The lake bed in July 2016

The lake is fed by Morambro Creek which is sourced in the Wimmera in western Victoria and crosses the border into South Australia near the small township of Frances. It is thought that around 70-90% of the flow in the creek originates in the Wimmera region.


January 2017

January 2017 water level.

In recent years it has spent much of the time dry (see top photo) but with the good winter and spring during 2016 it has filled for the first time in a number of years. Any overflow from the lake goes out through the Nyroca Channel and on into the Marcollat watercourse.


Cockatoo Lake, north side

Northen side of Cockatoo Lake

Cockatoo Lake is considered an important birdlife habitat and recreational resource. In a recent quick visit to the site there was up to a dozen families camping on the grass on the eastern side of the lake where there are some very basic toilet facilities and a boat ramp. There is another entrance on the south west side off the Deepwater Road, but this track is rather rutted from winter traffic.


In 2001 this area including the lake, Morambro Creek and 30km of the Nyroca Channel were prescribed as a protected water course.


Use this link for a map to Cockatoo Lake, South East South Australia

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