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Bailey’s Rocks, Dergholm State Park, Victoria

Sign at the top end of Sharams Road

Sign at the top end of Sharams Road

I visited the area with my grandson on the Monday holiday June 2014. We went for a wander through Bailey’s Rocks with our camera’s. I took 62 photos for the afternoon. Here are just a few of them. Being a public holiday there were several other car loads of visitors as well. One group asked me to take a group photo for them.


Photo 01 of Bailey's Rocks

Photo 01 of Bailey’s Rocks

Bailey’s Rocks is situated within the Dergholm State Park, some 40 kilometres north west of Casterton, off the Naracoorte-Casterton road, and 60 kilometres from Naracoorte. The locals call this road the Langkoop Road, Langkoop being the other main district along the road with it’s own little hall.


Photo 02 at Bailey's Rocks

Photo 02 at Bailey’s Rocks

Dergholm State Park covers some 10,400 hectares and is mainly made up of red gums and brown stringy bark. Car parking is within the area with BBQs and tables and other facilities and a large area suitable for camping. Dogs are permitted in this area on leads but not in the rest of the park.


There is a 300 or so metre walking track amongst the granite boulders themselves and a 5 kilometre walk along Rocky Creek that runs through the park.


Photo 03 at Bailey's Rocks

Photo 03 at Bailey’s Rocks

We came across this pretty fungi amongst the tree litter.


Ants nest

Ants nest

Later, as we walked away from the main granite outcrop area, we came across a number of well defined ants nests like this one.


Wild flowers in Dergholm State Park

Wild flowers in Dergholm State Park

When it was time to leave we traveled up Sharam’s Road, a well made track up through the park. Here’s a photo of some of the wildflowers along the way.