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Major projects since semi-retirement

Seed Crop

A glimpse of one of many seed crops inspected

In July 2011 I retired from my role as Senior Seed Certification Officer with Seed Services Australia. I had worked in the Senior role for 14 years after 10 years as Seed Certification Officer. After 43 years in the work force, and not ever having taken any Long Service Leave, the first thing I did was simply take a break. New work has been hard to come by but I am now Carer for my wife and have stopped looking for employment. But in the meantime I have undertaken a number of major projects around our home, and some further abroad. Not all will be covered in this blog post.


Cupboard shelving

The shelving completed

Completed cupboard

Almost completed cupboard

The first project that I tackled was building in a storage cupboard in the front entry. One can never have too much storage! I didn’t have any particular plan to work to but had a picture in mind of what I wanted to achieve. First came the frame, not the easiest to get nice and square when you don’t have the tools to work with!

The photo on the right is the almost completed project, just some trim to put on to finish off.


church hall ramp

Church Hall ramp project

Then in September 2012 I assisted with a church project to widen the disability access ramp to the church hall. As part of the process we also did away with any step into the hall and rebuilt the steps to the landing outside the hall doors. The accompanying photo was taken just before the project was completed.



The first batch of reindeer

And then, leading up to Christmas 2012, I bought myself a bench-top band saw and cut out over 30 of these little reindeer for a Weight Watchers project that Christine was doing.


Stay tuned for round two of these projects!